No Bad Vibes Smudge Spray

No Bad Vibes Smudge Spray

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No Bad Vibes Smudge Spray

What it is:
We crafted this pure herbal aromatherapy spray blend to use as an alternative to the sage smudge stick traditionally burned to purify an area. Smudge Spray provides all of the benefits of sage smudging without the smoke.

This is what you need to rid that negative cloud you feel when you have a bad day, vibe or are around those who are negative.

A blend of cleansing essential oils including palo santo AND sage that is safe for skin and linens.
Infused with clear quartz and tourmaline chips that have been cleansed and charged to uplift and clear your environment for meditation, massage, and positive focus.

How to Use:

Mist this refreshing essential oil spray to clear energy, enhanced sacred, space, or prepare a work room for intuitive healing. Shake well before using.


Ethyl Alcohol, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Distilled Water, Clear Quartz & Tourmaline Crystals.

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